Corporate Services


We work with our clients to development ground up office, industrial, and healthcare projects that accommodate our client’s needs.
At Rubicon, we have the unique ability to structure these developments to the preferences of our clients.

Lease Analysis

The first step in Rubicon’s tenant representation process is to determine all-in occupancy cost, identify critical option dates and uncover areas for improvement on lease provisions. We also compare our clients’ current occupancy costs to today’s market cost.

Market Surveys

Our team prides itself on finding opportunities for our clients that are not readily apparent through standard industry efforts and the proactive approach we use makes it possible to find the most attractive opportunities.

Lease Negotiations

Through our real-time understanding of supply and demand and of lease documents, we at Rubicon provide our clients with a lease document that protects them.

Portfolio Management

We have the ability to manage and transact our clients’ real estate portfolios across the country. Our professionals have executed hundreds of transactions in over 40 states.

Space Optimization

Our company understands that every square foot of wasted space negatively impacts our clients both economically and functionally. Through our working relationship with best-in-class architects, Rubicon helps to determine and arrange the most optimal space.

Operating Expense Audits

Throughout the life of our client relationship, we perform operating expense audits on their behalf.

Construction Management

The professionals at Rubicon have overseen hundreds of tenant build-outs ranging from 1,000 square foot retrofits to ground-up developments. Our experience enables us to monitor the construction process to ensure that the tenant's space is built out according to plan and as economically as possible.

Economic Incentives

On behalf of our clients, we assist in negotiating economic incentives from the local municipal, state or federal government, drastically lowering their cost of occupancy for our clients. The professionals at Rubicon work with consultants to make sure every potential dollar and concession are captured.


Rubicon assists clients in disposing of unwanted space by subleasing or through lease termination negotiations.

Buyer and Seller Representation

We assist buyers and sellers in the purchase or sale of a building or a portfolio of buildings, making sure all of the proper steps are taken to ensure a successful acquisition or sale.

Sale Leasebacks

We specialize in helping our clients determine the value of their existing owned real estate with their long term lease in place. We analyze credit, market data and lease terms to structure a lease that is beneficial for our clients but that will also attract the attention of the capital markets. This allows our clients to deploy the capital that is tied up in real estate into other high growth areas of their business.